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Zero Waste Update – Week 7 – Our introduction to Composting

This post has been updated!

If you’re looking for a FULL guide on composting, check out my post on that here.

If you want to see our FULL zero waste challenge journey, you can check out all of my updates during our journey here.


I want to share some exciting news. We started saving our organic waste this week because we got our compost bin last FRIDAY! Cue happy composting dance!

But first, the obligatory recap for those that are new (welcome!) or those that would like a refresher:

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We haven’t officially started adding to it because it requires assembly, and well, we, unfortunately, haven’t gotten around to it yet. And now as I type this, it is literally sleeting and snowing outside (don’t act so shocked, I am from Minnesota after all).

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It is so nice to see some numbers in the food waste column finally!

So what are some challenges we have come up against with starting to save food waste?

  • Knowing what type of food waste can go into the compost. Dairy and meat = no. Eggshells = grey area (but we are adding them). For more information on this, here is a GREAT list of 100 items you can compost.
  • Remembering to save food scraps! This one wasn’t quite as much of a learning curve for us as remember to weigh everything was because I have been saving my veggie scraps for years to make my own vegetable stock. But, it is still a habit to throw some of the food waste away in the garbage, so just working towards breaking that.
  • Getting our compost bin built! Ours is similar to the wooden ones in the picture below to help aid in air circulation, but that requires a little assembly.
  • Figuring out what to store our food waste in before we take it out. Since we aren’t actually taking our food waste out yet, we needed to figure out what we could store the food in so it wouldn’t smell up our house. We (pleasantly) discovered using an oatmeal container works great! As of right now, we are keeping our food waste in the fridge until we can get our compost built.
  • Trying to determine how much ‘brown’ we need to balance out our ‘green’ waste. Brown and green what? To have an effective compost pile, you need a good balance of green and brown waste. Examples of green waste are grass clippings and food scraps, brown examples include leaves, cardboard, coffee grounds, etc. To check out a great infographic on composting and the difference between green and brown waste, click here. We are starting to get a good pile of ‘green’ waste, but need to make sure we have enough ‘brown’ to balance it out.
  • Sorting organic waste from ‘other’ waste in our bathrooms. Based on our trash audit we did in our bathrooms, facial tissue and toilet paper rolls were the most commonly found waste items. These items are compostable! This week we have tried (and I’ll admit, not done a very good job) about keeping these items separate from the other bathroom waste (floss, toothpaste tubes). I know, just like the first couple weeks of the challenge, it will be a habit we will develop over time.

I am looking forward to seeing how our numbers continue to go down as we work towards more composting!

Do you compost? And if so, what compost tips would you share with someone just starting out?

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This is an interesting read! Like the tone-of-voice written in and you have compelled me to bookmark your site to go back and read about your challenge from its start. 👌🏻👌🏻


I think it’s wonderful that you are cutting down and waste and I really appreciate the tips! I am trying to cut down on my plastic and so far it’s going pretty well!

Laura | The Yellow Birdhouse

My mom always saved her eggshells and put them in her garden. I think they added nutrients as well as deterring the slugs! That might be a good alternative to composting them! I’m so blessed to live in an area where we have a composting program. I recently visited the US and I absolutely couldn’t handle having to put my food scraps in the trash! Haha, I’ve been using a green bin for years, I can’t imagine any other way. Our system is to just keep all the food scraps in a dish and take it out every night. I… Read more »


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[…] (by ‘we’ I mean my husband) built the compost bin!As I talked about in this post, the bin we received didn’t come with instructions, nor all of the parts. Then the weather got […]


[…] (by ‘we’ I mean my husband) built the compost bin!As I talked about in this post, the bin we received didn’t come with instructions, nor all of the parts. Then the weather got […]