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How I Simplified the Season with a Pay-it-Forward/Holiday Tradition Advent Calendar – Includes a FREE Printable!


I am very excited to be sharing a guest post I wrote for Just a Simple Home’s Simplifying the Season blog party! The past few years I have been searching for ways to minimize the stress, hustle and bustle, extra commitments, errands, shopping lists, spending, and more around the holidays. I truly love this time of the year, but once Christmas would come around I would be secretly glad it would ‘be all over’. Once Little E was born, I made a firm decision that Mr. Blographer was on board with, to NOT let our lives get to the point of just wanting Christmas over and done with. We were looking for ways to embrace the season that we love so much.


The solution came last year in the form of a pay it forward/holiday tradition advent calendar. Along with wanting to simplify our holiday, we were also looking for an alternative advent calendar idea (you can read more about what the heck I’m talking about in the guest post). We combined the two, and the rest, as they say, is history! When we started focusing on the activities in the advent calendar, and let go of other things, we had one of the most memorable and enjoyable holiday seasons in many years.


Click here to read the post and download/print the FREE pay it forward/holiday tradition advent calendar printable!





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Sarah Althouse

How sweet to thank your mail carrier. I loved that!


Wow I love this idea! Such a great tradition for the holidays 😃

Jean Neuhart

It’s so easy to get stuck in our own “little bubble,” especially during the hustle & bustle of the holidays. What a wonderful idea to help get out of that frame of mind.