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42 Clutter Free, Minimalist-Friendly and Mindful Gift Ideas


I LOVE giving gifts. L-o-v-e it. So if you are looking for a post that involves not giving gifts, or how to tell people in your life ‘no gifts’, this probably isn’t the post for you. But just because I still personally love to give gifts doesn’t mean I’m standing in line on Black Friday at 3am in the morning just to get a particular item. Please, I live in Minnesota. It’s cold at 3am.


All joking aside, I do believe there can be a healthy balance between the minimalist and zero waste lifestyle that we are slowly adopting and gift giving. Mr. Blographer and I have been actively reevaluating gift giving the past couple of years, ESPECIALLY now that we have Little E. And I’m not going to lie, it has been somewhat difficult to change the gift-giving habits we’ve adopted over the years. 


Besides taking a hard look at the type of gifts we give and ask for, we have started following these four guidelines:

  • Follow the rule ‘Something you want, something you wear, something you read and something you need’. 


  • Don’t underestimate second-hand stores for gifts. We love our local second-hand store for a variety of items, and for online second-hand women’s and kids clothes shopping we LOVE ThredUp.


  • Santa, Easter Bunny, Etc: Santa brings one gift (a smaller gift) and then stockings he brings usable items or consumable items (usable meaning yummy soaps, bath items, crafting supplies, snacks, etc). The Easter Bunny and other ‘friends’ follow suit. 


  • Adopt other birthday/holiday/other celebratory event traditions instead of gifts
    • Make the person of honor their favorite meal
    • Offer to let the person of honor choose what activity they want to do for the day


Other than that, we really try to be really mindful of purchasing/making gifts that don’t contribute too much or any clutter and fall in line with our minimalist and zero-waste mindsets.


For tips on reducing gift wrap waste, check out my post on that topic here.


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So without further ado, here are 42 clutter-free, minimalist friendly and mindful gift ideas:



Kindle/E-Reader – I have had a kindle for years and have LOVED it. Not only are e-books inexpensive, many libraries also have digital copies of books which you can ‘check out’ right from your bed or couch!


Amazon E-Gift Card – Great for buying e-books or anything else Amazon offers.


Audible Membership – Know someone who does a lot of commuting or traveling? Or maybe they are someone who enjoys listening to podcasts books while cleaning, exercising, etc. Why not gift them an audible membership which has books, magazines, radio stations and more! Shh..don’t tell Mr. Blographer but I think he’s getting a membership from Santa!


Seed Starter Kit – I LOVE getting these for Christmas.  I have started seeds indoors for the past couple of years, and not only is it more cost-effective, but it is fun! I am looking forward to having Little E help me next spring. These are great for vegetable and flower seeds!


Child Artwork Frame – This frame is such a great way to display kids artwork in a neat and clutter-free way. This frame holds multiple pieces of art which you can rotate throughout the year.


Connect with Nature: Projects to Grow, Gather, Make and Do – This book has activity ideas for each season involving nature. This book is on my wish-list!


The Little Book of Mindfulness – Perfect for a stocking stuffer or for anyone who would enjoy some mindful living inspiration.


Image result for etsy logo
Etsy.com – Check out artwork, jewelry, soaps, and more. Bonus – support small businesses! Etsy is dangerous for me and my wallet. Be sure to include local art/craft shops in your small business supporting as well!


Subscription Boxes  – Subscription boxes are one of my FAVORITE clutter-free, minimalist friendly and mindful gift. So much that I created an entirely separate post with 33 subscription boxes that are sure to please anyone on your list.


Give your kids one ‘yes’ day (check out this article for more details, or check out the book here).


Tea – I would highly recommend checking out Teatrition Tea and Wellness. They have an amazing selection of teas for any type of tea lover in your life. I have tried their orange crush smoothie rooibos blend and their black tea; both were really tasty. The orange crush smoothie rooibos was perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up (due to the orange citrus) without the caffeine. With selections like chocolate peppermint patty, cold buster rooibos, pumpkin spice chai, jasmine green and much, much more, there are so many options to choose from! They even have a tea of the month option, which I’m thinking my step-mom would love as she doesn’t need anything, but LOVES tea. Win win!






  • Grocery delivery service gift card
  • Food from their favorite bakery, restaurant, etc
  • Gift certificate for their favorite restaurant
  • Coffee
  • Wine/Beer/Liquor
  • Homemade gifts such as salsa, pesto, jam
  • Meat gift basket (pick out a selection of meat)
  • Vegetable basket
  • Homemade soup mixes
  • Gift certificate to their favorite coffee/tea place
  • Meal planning/delivery gift certificate
  • Shampoos or homemade soaps that they normally wouldn’t buy for themselves



  • Art/craft supplies (could be a great gift for adults too!)
  • Magazine subscription (can get a digital subscription or paper – donate the paper version when done)
  • Lessons: swim lessons, dance lessons, etc.
  • Clothes/shoes




  • Sign up for a local community ed class together!
  • A local park pass or state park pass
  • A dog park pass if they have a dog
  • Movie night out or in
  • Sports tickets
  • Gift certificate to a spa or for a massage
  • Tickets to their favorite show
  • A membership to a local museum, nature center, or zoo



  • Gift certificate for house cleaning
  • Donation to a local charity in the recipient’s name
  • Magazine subscription (can get a digital subscription or paper – donate the paper version when done)
  • Items for their hobbies (ex. outdoor gear or gift certificate for outdoor gear, items for their garden if they’re a gardener)
  • Gift certificate for their favorite app (ex. Headspace membership)Netflix/Hulu subscription
  • Photograph gifts (photo book, canvas print, etc)
  • Flowers, a plant/succulent in a cute container


Bonus Ideas!

  • Candles/essential oils/diffuser, etc
  • Cloth napkins – bonus if they are from a local artist!


There are TONS of great DIY gift ideas out on Pinterest. I have a board dedicated to DIY gift ideas that you can check out here.


For more gift ideas, check out my two other gift guides:

33 Subscription Box Gift Ideas for Anyone on your List

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Finally, check out 6 zero waste gift wrap ideas for easy ways to reduce gift wrap waste this holiday season!


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53 Comments on "42 Clutter Free, Minimalist-Friendly and Mindful Gift Ideas"

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Mary Leigh

These are all really great ideas. It’s good to acknowledge that some people just really love giving gifts, so it’s good to think about things like this for people who don’t need or more importantly, really don’t want more STUFF around the house. You can still be thoughtful and creative in gift giving!

Katie Braswell

Thanks for this roundup!! I love finding new gift ideas… minimal is best! This season, I’m shopping with intent and purpose, so these ideas are super helpful. I’m actually really looking forward to checking out the “Connect With Nature” book! Super cool!!

Megan Anne

I love all of these ideas but I definitely think my favorite is the experience sections! I love to use Groupon to find fun things to do!

Mama Writes Reviews

I love the seed starter kit! That’s a perfect Christmas gift!


Thanks for these suggestions… you’ve included some really great ones. I’m actually looking at giving a few subscription boxes this year. I think the reading and food boxes are really great ideas! Also, I love shopping second hand. If you have the time to hunt, you can really find some great gifts in used stores! I really liked you idea of housecleaning gift certificate! That’s a great idea!

Hannah | lovely little lives
Hannah | lovely little lives

Do many great ideas. My problem is just having the discipline to not buy so many things😊


I love the concept of following the below rule ‘Something you want, something you wear, something you read and something you need’.

This help to decide what to get people especially when you happen to not be in the mood.

Sarah Althouse

Love these ideas! My favorite thing to do is make a DIY bath or beauty product that I know they will love, but can also use up and not collect dust.


These are really great suggestions. One year, I received a Kindle. The next year, I received a Kindle Unlimited membership. I love the gift of books and learning!


Great ideas here. I personally would love an audible membership or a subscription box. I love gifts that keep on giving every month!


Our family incorporated the want, wear, read, need rule a few years ago, and it has helped so much! It really helps give mor strategically, and it’s fun!

Paula @ I\'m Busy Being Awesome

What a great list! This is also a really helpful list for people who travel; I fly home for Christmas, and I am always asking for small/minimal gifts to take back with me on the plane 🙂


I am loving these ideas! I don’t have any kiddos but I do shop for family. The gift cards are a great idea. I do them often on holidays and birthdays, especially if people are harder to shop for.

Katie | Hospitable Homemaker

This is such a great/ detailed post!! It can be really hard to think of ideas sometimes but I , like you, love to give gifts! I hate the idea of cluttering someone else’s life up more though with the gifts I give! Thank you for these recommendations!


I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing the creative ways to honor those that love gifts without adding to more “stuff”! I will be purchasing several of these!

Hayley Hornberg

I couldn’t agree with this post most. When my husband and I got married a couple of years ago, it prompted up to have some discussions with our family about Christmas gifts. We’ve really changed what we do now and simplified what we give. For one side of the family, we all donate whatever we feel comfortable giving and one person gets to pick a non-profit the money will go to. I really like focusing on the family time together and our traditions. You’re right…experiences can be so valuable.


I too am trying for a more experience type of giving. We have a little B and if you follow Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker he had a great post on taming littles I want. I am trying very hard to give more experience and make more memories.


So many great ideas!!


I love all these ideas, several of them, like the subscription boxes and the tea are on my own wish list. I did a gift round up for my blog, all about upcycled products. I got lost in that rabbit hole, I mean Etsy. There is alot of amazing artwork out there. Great list!


Great ideas! I love to give gift cards…less wrapping and the getter can get what they need :).