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4 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness this Holiday Season | Guest Post on Love Megan Anne

The post for this week is coming out a bit later than normal, but for good reason. I’m so excited to finally be able to share a guest post I did for a really great blog called Love Megan Anne.


In this guest post, I wrote about four different ways you can incorporate mindfulness into the holiday season. The great thing about these tips, however, is that they can be applied all year long. The four tips relate to having a mindful mind, mindful eats, mindful self and mindful schedule.


Check out the post here, and be sure to check out Megan Anne’s blog!


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Rachel @ The Improved Me Project

I really, really like the idea of mindful eating. I tend to eat so fast that it makes easy to overeat and I don’t get to really enjoy anything. Slowing down will help me to really savor what I am eating. It is also good that it can definitely be done year round! Thank for the post!