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15 Zero Waste Bloggers You Need to Follow & Zero Waste Challenge Update

It has been a while since I posted a zero waste update, but I am so excited to say that the updates are back for good! With the holidays and then illnesses, I decided to take some time off with these posts. And we are at a point in our challenge where we were able to take a break from weighing our trash, so I felt like it was appropriate to take a break from posting as well.

If you are at all curious as to how the holidays went with our new zero waste goals, it went well. We luckily kind of had a test run during Little E’s 2nd birthday party in late October, and we made sure to adopt all of the things we learned during that time to our holiday gatherings and gift giving. You can find more updates on gift giving and celebrations below:


Zero Waste Thanksgiving (the post was written during Thanksgiving, however, the tips are applicable for any gathering)

Zero Waste Gift Wrap Ideas

Zero Waste Gift Ideas


If you’re interested in learning more about our zero waste challenge, you can find all the zero waste updates here.


Here are our updated numbers:



A couple more challenge updates:

We will be having our home visit in a couple of weeks! This involves our staff advisor coming to our house and walking through to give us pointers on how we can further reduce waste. I am excited to see what else we will learn.


We officially downgraded our trash bin size with our trash company! For the past few weeks, we haven’t even been filling our curbside trash bin halfway, so we finally took the plunged, called, and reduced our trash can size to the smallest one available. This saves money and shows that what we are doing is working to reduce trash!



Since we started this challenge, I have started actively following a number of zero waste bloggers. And man, there are some super inspiring bloggers out there. I wanted to compile a list of 15 of my favorite zero waste bloggers so you can get even more inspiration and tips.


Amy French The Good Life

Tiny Yellow Bungalow (also has an awesome zero-waste online shop!)

Zero Waste Chef

Zero Waste Nerd

Zero Waste Memoirs

The Do Something Project

The Zero Waste Backpacker

Zero Waste Wisdom


Zero Waste Living

Lyndsey Stripped

Treading my Own Path

Going Zero Waste

Trash is for Tossers


Instagram only – Zero Waste Chica (she has amazing Insta Stories!)



Zero Waste Bloggers Network If you are looking for even more inspiration, the Zero Waste Bloggers Network (which I was just recently accepted into) has tons of awesome blog posts and zero waste bloggers to follow.




Join a community of like-minded people also on their journey to reducing mental clutter through mindful and intentional living, minimalism, and zero waste living! Join the group here


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12 Comments on "15 Zero Waste Bloggers You Need to Follow & Zero Waste Challenge Update"

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Rachel @ The Improved Me Project
You know, decreasing my trash is something I talk with my husband every now and then and we even sat down once to talk about different things we could do in other to do that. Sadly, we have done very little in that regard. I confess that laziness plays a role in it. It is easier to continue doing what we already do. However I have been reading a lot about habits lately and the truth is that reducing your waste could become a habit. Starting is the key. Reading your post made me think that I should try this… Read more »
Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

Great people to check out for inspiration!


I am always working to decrease my waste, and it’s always great to find more zero waste bloggers to follow 🙂 I’ve never actually weighed my weekly waste though; I usually just have about half a bag of garbage in the can and that’s it, but I’d be curious to see my weekly waste by weight 🙂

Patricia @ Grab a Plate

What a cool challenge! We could all do better! I’m heading over now to check out some of the bloggers you listed!


It is so awesome that there are so many out there working toward this cause! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah @ Freedom Is Hers

Such great ideas that have me thinking about how I can reduce our waste. Thank you for that.