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What is Shop for Good Sunday?

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ve probably heard of Small Business Saturday. And you’re maybe familiar with Giving Tuesday.


Yes, I’m talking about the Friday – Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The few days that Americans start their journey towards spending over $1 trillion  (yes, ‘illion’ with a ‘T’) on holiday gifts each year. Sixty percent of this is online spending happens between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and goes to only a dozen giant retailers, none of which are impact-focused.


Want to change that?



Imagine if even a fraction of these holiday shopping dollars were also used to reduce poverty, fight climate change, or make the world better. The impact would be enormous.





shop for good sunday




For the second year in a row, DoneGood launched a campaign called Shop for Good Sunday. Falling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (this year November 25th) Shop for Good Sunday is a day dedicated to celebrating and supporting the growing number of socially and environmentally responsible brands.

Together with over 100 conscious businesses and nonprofit organizations—including 1% for the Planet, Oxfam, the Social Enterprise Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, Mashable, Ten Thousand Villages, Avocado Green Mattress, MasterCard Charity Charge, and many others—we’re proving that companies can earn a profit and do good for people, animals, and the planet at the same time.



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Here’s what this means for you as a shopper.

Not only do the brands participating in Shop for Good Sunday make higher quality, more unique gifts than what you’d find from a typical big box store, many of them are also offering special Shop for Good Sunday discounts. Simply visit the official Shop for Good Gift Guide to quickly, easily, and affordably find holiday gifts from mission-driven companies.


And the best part?


100% of revenue generated through the Shop for Good Sunday gift shop, our DoneGood Shop, and the DoneGood plugin on November 25th will be donated RAINN, America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.  


We created Shop for Good Sunday to help people feel good about what their dollars are supporting. Please help us support some of the world’s best ethical and sustainable companies and be sure to spread the word to others who, like you, enjoy discovering businesses that do good.



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For even more about Shop for Good Sunday, check out this article in Forbes.



For a complete list of ethical and sustainable sales for Black Friday – Cyber Monday, check out this post here by EcoCult.


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[…] Shop for Good Sunday. I wrote an entire post on this so I’m not going to go into it too much here, but basically, Shop for Good Sunday is the Black Friday and Cyber Monday for ethical and environmentally friendly deals/companies. Visit my post to learn more, and to see a Shop for Good Sunday gift guide and list of ethical companies. […]