33 Subscription Boxes for Anyone on your Gift List

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To help aid you on your gift-giving journey, I wanted to curate a list of 33 subscription boxes that I have either personally tried or that I would want to receive or give to someone else. I LOVE giving gifts but try to be really mindful of what we give and tend to stick to consumables, experiences,  books and other clutter-free items (which is where the subscription boxes come in).

So, what are some of the things I love about them?

  • They’re great for those living a clutter-free/minimalist lifestyle because they often consumables or usable items such as lotions, bath items, etc.
  • You can choose boxes that are geared towards specific hobbies
  • The companies of the subscription boxes often support and promote small businesses
  • You get to discover and try items you may not have been exposed to
  • It is fun getting packages in the mail
  • Make great gifts for the hard to buy for people on your list (or anyone on your list!)
  • The kid-friendly boxes contain great, hands-on activities that are fun for adults too
  • And so much more!


If you’re looking for a unique gift that is sure to please and that falls in line with mindful and intentional living, I would highly recommend looking into a subscription box!



UrthBox (use this link to get $10 off your first box) – A snack box subscription with non-GMO and organic food and beverages

Love with Food (use this link to get 25% off) – All natural, gluten-free or organic snacks

NatureBox (Use this link to join for only $5 a month) – All things snacks! I subscribed to this box for a while a couple of years ago and all the snacks were delicious!

Raw Spice Bar – For the person who loves to use a lot of spices in their cooking

Super Food Box – A box for the superfood lover in your life (think exotic fruits, rare foods, etc)

Teatrition Tea of the Month Club – For the tea lover in your life (Teatrition has amazing teas! I would highly recommend them)

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler – For the coffee lover in your life

Vine Oh!– For the wine lover in your life


For Kids

Little Loving Hands – Kids Crafts for a Cause – A box is sent with a kid-friendly craft in it. You and your kids do the craft and send it back with the pre-stamped envelope/package. The craft is then donated to a worthy cause. If this isn’t the coolest idea for a subscription box, I don’t know what is!

Animal Trackers (for ages 3+) – Take your kids on a safari and learn about different animals each month. Perfect for free-play, art activities and more.

Space Scouts (for ages 6+) – This box focuses helping kids learn about science, space, and technology through activities.

Green Kids Crafts – Science and art kids activities for kids aged 2-10 using eco-friendly materials.

Steve Spangler Science – For the young scientist in your life who loves learning about STEM-related topics. As seen on the Ellen show!

Bramble Box – This box contains supplies for 2-3 hands-on activities for kids and adults!



For Adults (Hobbies/Outdoor)

Smart Art Box – Get full-sized art supplies and step-by-step instructions on different art projects each month.

The Nomadik  – For the travel and outdoor lover in your life

Cairn – Includes items for anything and everything outdoors (hiking, fishing, camping, etc. I bought this for my husband last year and he loved it!)

Quilty Box – For the quilt lover in your life.

Grill Masters Club – for the person who loves to grill in your life

Annie’s Hook and Needle Club – For the knitter or crocheter in your life


Self Care

Hygge Box – Each box contains items to create a hygge inspired life!

TheraBox – Curated by therapists to include self-care and stress/anxiety reducing items

The Wallflower Box – Items for introverts and other quiet souls

The Year of Wellness –  Receive products to inspire wellness and happiness in your life


For Adults (Women)

Ecocentric Moms – Receive organic and eco-friendly products for mom’s wellbeing

21 Bundles – Contains baby-safe goodies for pregnant and/or new moms

Causebox – Causebox aims to create a community of women who care about social issues, the environment, themselves and their community. Each item in their seasonal box has a story and helps support the previously mentions issues.

Love Goodly – This subscription includes eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, wellness and lifestyle products.


For Adults (Men)

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club – For the beer lover in your life.

Mystery Tackle Box – For the fisherman in your life (I think I’m going to get a gift subscription for Mr. Blographer!)

**Cairn and The Nomadik boxes are good for men as well**


For Pets

Pooch Perks – For the dog lover in your life

The Naked Dog Box (use this link to get $10 off your first order) – Receive healthy dog food right to your door

KitNip Box – For the cat lover in your life


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