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Hi! I’m Laura, the Mindful Mom Blographer.


I’m a mom, wife, nature photographer, proud Minnesotan, part time worker, outdoor enthusiast, self-care advocate, blogger, food lover, mantra say-er, cat and dog owner, part minimalist, gardener, pay-it-forward-er, word maker up-er and so much more (to read my full introduction, check out this post).


My goal is to help you, yes you, live the most mindful and intentional life you want, using resources you have available, including your precious time!


Expect posts on being mindful and intentional, 2-minute guided meditation videos, nature photography, weekly and monthly challenges, parenting/kids, relationships and a whole lot more.


I am really excited to go on this journey with you. I want to try and show you that it is easy to incorporate mindfulness and intention into your life through small things that won’t consume a lot of time. I would love to be a tool for you to give yourself a quick mental break whenever you need it. I hope to be able to share my stories, lessons and advice with you and that it will be worthwhile and helpful. Finally, I hope you will come along with me on this journey called life.