Digital Download: These downloadable/printable flashcards are perfect for fostering mindfulness in kids.

The download includes five nature photos for children to observe and guided mindfulness questions/prompts specific for each photo for adults to help facilitate the mindfulness activity. These cards work great on any digital device or print them out to use as actual flashcards.

$4.99 UDS




Digital Download: An e-book with a workbook/printable

This download consists of the e-book ‘How to Tackle Clutter when you’re Facing External and Internal Resistance’. In this e-book, I tackle the most difficult roadblocks my family and I faced while on our decluttering journey of getting rid of over 100 large boxes of stuff, and selling/giving away countless more. Some of these topics include:

-What to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed and/or don’t know where to start

-What to do if you have a reluctant spouse or family

-How to handle gift giving and receiving

-Dealing with sentimental items

-And more!

The e-book also contains a workbook with printables, worksheets, and a 28-day decluttering challenge.

$9.99 UDS