Favorite Zero Waste Products

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We get a lot of questions about what products we have started using since we started the challenge. To be honest, we have really tried focusing on reusing things we normally would have thrown away (for example, any type of plastic bag or packaging is now used for dog waste clean-up!). But there are a few things that we now use regularly (and enjoy using!) that we weren’t using before, or at least not regularly. We do value quality over quantity and try seeking out products that will last us a long time. That is another thing to consider when looking for zero waste items!


We will continue to add to this page if we discover and love any new products, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often!


Here are our favorite zero waste resources:


For detailed information on some of these products, you can check out this post here. For more information about the zero waste challenge and what it is, click here. Finally, to see all posts relating to the challenge, click here.


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